The Role of a Woman

These days it seems that women are told to be as tough as society thinks a man should be. We have all sorts of movies that have come out depicting a woman as “tough as steel” or courageous.

I think our girls will get a mistaken message if they only think that a woman should be strong. For me, I love the softness and femininity that women bring to the world. Not only that, but I think God created a woman to look, feel, and ACT like a woman – not a man. I think women bring so much of the compassion, kindness, sensitivity, and gentleness that people need in their lives. There is something we give and add to this world that men cannot – just as they add something that we cannot. Learn to embrace whom God created you to be. There is a lot of joy, freedom, and honor to be found in that role.

~ Dionna Sanchez


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