What Do You Choose?

We all make choices in life. We decide whether we will go out with Fred or Martin. Whether we will cheat on our taxes. Whether we will pursue that career or another one.

This week I experienced some physical discomfort. Nothing serious, but it hurt nevertheless. I tried all the remedies and nothing seemed to work.

I believe that I am healed. I know that according to the Word, Jesus already took all my sicknesses, pains and discomforts when He took stripes on His back at the Cross.

Some times, though, when we are in the middle of the problem, still feeling the discomfort, waiting for God’s Word to manifest, we become discouraged.

In those times, we can complain. We can say things that are contrary to the Word, such as “I’m going to have this pain forever” or “God’s Word doesn’t work.”

Or we can choose to continue saying faith-filled words, such as “By Jesus’ stripes, I am healed,” “God has taken sickness away from the midst of me,” or “God has restored health unto me and healed me on my wounds.”

The choice is ours. We can continue to stay in faith, believing and speaking God’s Word. Or we can allow doubt and unbelief and the discomfort to bully us into saying words of fear and discouragement.

I choose to continue to believe and speak what God says. What about you?

– Annagail Lynes


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