Bad Day?

Ok - so you've had a bad day. It's very hard to shake off sometimes isn't it? You let it build up, one thing goes wrong and then it tends to have a domino effect on everything else (and everyone else) you encounter throughout your day.

Have you ever noticed how your children seem to pick your tough days to misbehave? That's because they pick up on your mood! It affects them. If you're grumpy and stressed they sense it. Then they become irritable and act out, as well. One thing just leads to another.

Our moods are contagious and they affect our whole household. So take a good look at the mood within your home. Cut your children some slack if their behavior is just a chain reaction that came from you.

If you can find a way to take a deep breath, submit your attitude to the Lord in prayer, you just might find Him use your children to help you change it for the better. But don’t teach them bad habits in how to handle stress.

~ By Dionna Sanchez


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