~Forgiveness In Marriage~

Is it easy for you to forgive your husband or to ask for forgiveness?

We teach our children to forgive. But how often when we have been struggling with our spouses on a certain issue – do we refuse to forgive them? And our forgiveness only stems from our pride.

When we make the choice to forgive, it doesn’t mean that we weren’t hurt or that we should forget about being hurt. Some hurts take longer to heal than others – but grudges and resentments only push away love. And that is where your heart can go, if it fails to forgive.

God forgave us for so much. Who are we to fail to forgive someone we love – especially if they ask for it? We will need that grace bestowed on us many a time, as well. Marriage is about being united. Forgiving one another is an important part in maintaining that bond and unity… and it will strengthen your hearts as a couple.

~ By Dionna Sanchez



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