Trying Not To Cry

For, “Whoever would love life and see good days
   must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech”

I Peter 3:10

This morning Chase was goofing around and he ended up punching Carson in the eye.   Carson was upset and he was about ready to punch his brother back.  But then he stopped, turned away and I could see he was trying hard not to cry.  I reprimanded Chase and went over to comfort Carson.  I could see it hurt him, but he was trying to be strong.  Chase was sorry, he hadn’t meant to really hit Carson, but his carelessness had resulted in pain for his brother.  Carson actually let me hug him, he’s not always receptive to hugs, but this morning he needed comfort from his mommy. 

A few minutes of snuggling and love and Carson was back to himself and ready to head on out to school.  As I walked them to the school bus and watched them chattering away, I was tickled that the issue was over, no animosity between the two at all.

I was thinking about how often we hurt each other, usually without meaning to, but most always because of careless words or actions.  It may be a confrontation between our spouse, our friends, our parents, or maybe our children.  And we aren’t paying attention to what we are saying or doing and we blurt out something without thinking and then boom!,  we see the hurt spring up in the other person’s eyes.  And we wish we could take back our words or actions, but it’s too late.  And as sorry as we are, the other person hurts.  And if nothing is done about the situation, there can be huge chasms occur in the relationship that eventually cause it to disintegrate.

If you are on the receiving end of that pain, I would encourage you to take it to the Lord.  He’s the best at bringing comfort in the midst of the distress.

If you are the one who caused the suffering, well, I would encourage you to take it to the Lord as well.  He’s the best at forgiving.

Life’s too short to carry the hurt … give it to God and move forward.


Father, forgive me when my careless words or actions hurt another.  Help me Lord to not be rash in my actions, but to think through before I speak or do.  And Lord Jesus, when I am hurt by another, wrap me up and love on me, then send me back on my way.


I Love You Jesus.

      In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!


Submitted by:

   Joyce Schneider


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