Default Settings

I receive a free monthly mailing from Back to the Bible. The September ’07 edition had a great point on page 6, that I’d like to share and elaborate on.

The author mentions “default settings,” as in computer settings. When our operating system gets buggy after we’ve tweaked with the settings, we can restore our computers default settings. That usually fixes the problem.

Like computers, our personal settings can get off track. We often need to “restore our default setting” as Christians: to make Christ central in our lives.

Sometimes our patience with God or His purpose for us runs thin, and we start to make life decisions in spite of Christ. We may stop reading His word, abandon prayer, and even slip away from our Christian friends or church. We often clutter our lives with “tweaked settings” God never intended for us to have. We start to feel confused, as if we’re lacking direction. Life gets buggy. Anyone feeling like that right now? How about we hit that “restore to default settings” button, together?

Rachel Lower
Copyright 2007


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