Zeke and the Trash Can

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13


Zeke has begun another bad habit.  He knocks over the trash can and spews garbage all over my kitchen floor.  I am not real happy about this new habit.  It is quite annoying.

I try to remember to put the trash can up on the counter when I go to work, but Friday I had to leave very early in the morning and in my haste to get out the door on schedule, I forgot.  When I walked into the house Friday afternoon, I was met with a total mess.  Every inch of my kitchen floor was covered with trash and coffee grounds.  Not a pretty sight to walk into, especially after you’ve just worked all day. 

Zeke was cowering in the corner, with those “I’m really sorry,” eyes.  I told him how bad he was the entire time I cleaned up the floor.  He seemed to want to repent from his bad deed and so I forgave him and we went out and played ball. 


Bobby wanted to take us out to dinner and off we went.  We had a great time out, but the second we walked back into the house, I heard Bobby say, “Oh Zeke, you are in trouble.”  And there was that trash can again, all over the floor.  I had forgotten to empty it and set it up out of Zeke’s reach.


And once more, I gave Zeke the once over about his behavior and once more he seemed sorry, he wiggled and wagged up next to me and I forgave him.

Does Zeke remind you of anyone you know?  Maybe even yourself?

You know you aren’t supposed to do something.  You desperately try to quit, but then the opportunity comes up and you cannot stop yourself.


I was in a meeting tonight, talking about a new program that helps people work through their habits, hurts and hang-ups.  I wonder if we could start a small group for our dogs, Zeke needs this.

I used to have so many bad habits; I drank too much, I took drugs, I had a gambling problem.  You name it, it was probably one of my bad habits.  And sometimes I would just do one or two, but sometimes I piled them all on at once.  I was totally out of control.  And then I stopped doing those things, but I added new hang-ups … guilt, shame, low self esteem.  It was this constant struggle to fill that emptiness inside … with all the wrong things.  And then Jesus came into my life and the hole was filled and my life changed … forever. 

I want to encourage you today … regardless of what your hang-up is, Jesus is the answer!

Father, thank You for filling the hole that was inside of me.  There is no high that the world can manufacture that can compare to the peace of knowing You.  Lord Jesus, I ask You to soften the hearts of the folks who are hurting so desperately, so that they can receive You.  You’re all they need Lord, help them to see You through open eyes. 

I Love You Jesus.

     In Your Name I Pray,



God Bless You!



Submitted by:

     Joyce Schneider

     A Life Decision



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