Receiving The Healing

The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:9   (NKJV)
A couple of weeks ago, in Vacation Bible School, I was telling the kids the story of Naaman and how he was healed of leprosy.  It is a really cool story of receiving God’s healing, by taking the necessary steps, in faith.  Naaman was a top notch army guy from another country.  Probably a five star general, at least.  He had led his troops to great victories.  But Naaman had a health problem.  He had leprosy.  There was no cure for this terrible disease.  Naaman knew his future was bleak, regardless of what he had accomplished up to that point, his life was going to be total misery.  Living the life of a leper was no fun;  he would be required to leave his home and his family, live off alone, dying a slow, painful, lonely death.
Naaman had a little servant girl from Israel working in his home.  She encouraged him to go see Elisha, the prophet; Elisha could heal him of his leprosy.  Elisha was a true man of God, famous throughout Israel.   Naaman was desperate for a cure, he believed this little girl and went to the king, requesting him permission to go seek out this prophet.  Off Naaman went to Israel, to find Elisha, to cure him of his disease.  When he found him, he expected Elisha to wave his hands over him and cure him, but instead Elisha told him to simply go dip himself seven times in the Jordan river, and he’d be all set.
Now, this upset Naaman, he’d expected Elisha to heal him on the spot, going off and dipping in the Jordan made no sense, to him.  He stormed off, upset and angry, he could have stayed home, he was wasting his time.   But his servants convinced him to give it a try, what did he have to lose?  So off he went and dipped himself in the Jordan river and WHA – LA his skin was healed.  The leprosy was gone!
Naaman had to receive God’s healing.  He had to make the effort to go to the Jordan and dip down in it, seven times.  Had he simply stormed off back to his home, he would have stayed sick, but he decided that he would, on faith, go dip in the river, and that action saved his life.  And not only saved it, but God gave it back to him … healed and whole.
The Story Of Naaman – 2 Kings Chapter 5
God doesn’t want us to suffer.  He wants to heal our hurts.  But sometimes we have to go take a dip … FIRST!!!!
Even if we don’t like the water …
Father, I love this story.  It is so true of our lives today.  That when we receive Your healing, we are reborn … we have new life through You!   But You don’t zap us Lord, we have to take action, we have to receive You.  Thank You Father for that never ending offering of healing and hope You give to us!
I Love You Jesus.
     In Your Name I Pray,
God Bless You!
Submitted by:
Joyce Schneider
A Life Decision


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