Criticism In Marriage

It’s a critical world we live in. And that criticism can slide into our homes so easily. Part of being a team is having good communication with each other. You learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and pick up the slack when it is needed. You do this simply out of love.

But when we start to “nit pick” on our spouse; then we are breaking down the very thing our marriage needs to survive! Of course, Satan is only too happy to put a wedge in our marriage relationships and allow criticism to tear us down.

No marriage is perfect and we all have areas we need to work on. It’s easier to work on those areas if you submit them to the Lord in prayer. And, if you really want some things to change in your marriage, then you also need to work together on them with your husband and support each other. Don’t drag each other down with verbal darts but instead lift up and inspire change by believing in one another.

No one enjoys being criticized or feeling like they don’t measure up to someone else’s expectations of them. So if you don’t like feeling that way, don’t do it to the one you love the most. You will honor your marriage – and the Lord by your conduct.
~By Dionna Sanchez


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