Sometimes I think the world wants us to hate our own beauty. Women are told they are “shallow” if they care a lot about how they look. And we are always telling our children that beauty comes from who they are on the inside. I think we are partly right in our mode of thinking. But we are also doing ourselves a big disservice by stripping ourselves of one of our core pieces of identity…our beauty.

You see, God created us for beauty – to make it, see it, and be it. It’s who we are. Once we understand and learn that; we can free ourselves to be who we were intended to be. We can delight in painting our nails or putting on shimmer lotion without feeling like we shouldn’t be enjoying these special delights.

Just remember that it’s okay to want to look beautiful or feel beautiful. It’s okay to tell your daughter that she is beautiful (not just on the inside) as long as you keep that beauty in balance with the character that will flow from it.

Enjoy beauty and let it restore your soul as a lady. Don’t strive for a false “perfect” standard. For if you simply are who you are…. Then your true beauty will shine.

~By Dionna Sanchez


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  1. Elizabeth
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 20:43:06

    Great message! That’s how I felt after reading “Captivating” by John and Staci Elderidge. It’s not a crime to be woman. We need to learn to embrace our feminitity as God would intend.


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