~Be Yourself~

 It sounds so simple.


Be yourself.


As simple a thought as it is, I bet all of us find ourselves in situations where the core of who we are, is robbed away.




Because we try to fit roles or stereotypes that are not who we are.


But do you know what I’m discovering?  I’m learning that I don’t feel peace or joy when I allow myself to squelch my natural tendencies of truly being myself. And quite ironically, others don’t seem to enjoy me as well either. They do tend to enjoy me better when I can relax and just be “me” though.


Enjoy yourself and how you go about doing things. Add your own sense of flair and style to life.


Love your quirks and embrace your interests. Only then will

you find the true joy you seek in just simply being who you were created to be.


~ By Dionna Sanchez




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. 2boysmom
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 13:19:20

    This sounds so simple, yet so often we feel that temptaion to “misrepresent” our true selves. Thinking, maybe I’ll fit in more if I do this or that. To be truly happy though you must be your authentic self…the one God created you to be!!! Awesome reminder!


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